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Josh's World, a children's computer game that opens the door for your child into the magical world of kid's software.
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We have brought the fun and engaging world we created in our children's computer game, Josh's World, to the world of E-Books.

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Josh's World E-Book is now available for only a $1.00 through Christmas and beyond...
(at least until 1/1/2014)

Josh's World a childrens computer game.
Josh's World CD-ROM (PC) - Price: $24.95 + $5.00 Shipping
To Addresses In The Contential US, Hawaii and Alaska.
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A few comments about Josh's World from
Billy Mitchell, Jazz Musician and Producer
and Bobby Seale, former founding chairman
of the Black Panther Party.

Children's computer games in Josh's World provide interactive non-violent children's computer games for children 2-9 for the PC. Our children's computer game is one of a few children's computer games featuring a positive African American role model for young children. Our children's computer game provides the fun and delight of exploring a 3D interactive playland.


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